Where to find the Mystery Solar System Chairs?

Just as Knoll delivered chairs for a feature film, a reader of mine, a USA based producer of feature films, has asked my assistance to source the designer and/or manufacturer of this Solar System Chair.

Some research on this design has learned thus far:

Drinksuff had a couple for sale for US $ 99.-, but they are sold out now. I have pinched their photos to help us find the source.

The Solar System Chair is crafted from stainless steel and has chromed steel legs that will charm any room! The seating and arm rests are filled with a soft foam and finished with a synthetic velvet for superb style and ambience!

It may look uncomfortable but trust us, this stool has class, style and is so unique to sit on you won’t want to get up!

H 950mm
W 880mm
D 800mm

Solar System Chair View from above
Solar System Chair View from above
Solar System Chair
Solar System Chair

Drinkstuff had acquired them at the UK Spring Fair

Solar System Chair front look
Solar System Chair front look

Flatrock mentioned it

Zedomax mentioned it;

Solar System Chair side look

TechChee mentioned it
Chair Du Jour has even painted it!
Many more sites including Gizmodo mentioned it, but most refer back to Drinkstuff

I would appreciate any help to find the source of this mystery chair or where to locate it.

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