Kolo Armchair by Jouko Järvisalo

Kolo Armchair
Kolo Armchair

Kolo Armchair by Finish designer Jouko Järvisalo

KOLO is an armchair moulded out of a single wooden sheet. Its armrests form a planar surface, from which the seat and chair back are pressed out to create a hollow in which the user can sit. Kolo floats on air, supported by a minimalist tubular steel frame.

The Finnish word KOLO refers to a small hollow, nook, hole or niche; metaphorically, it also refers to a living space.

See Mobel

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2 thoughts on “Kolo Armchair by Jouko Järvisalo”

  1. Agreed.

    I’m considering to do a series about one sheet chairs. They are inventive….but not so much time…

    Kolo reminds me of Kolomon Moser…who wasn’t so much in chairs….more in jewelry. But it is a jewel of a chair.

    In addition I’m still hesitant to move this blog over to the Thesis theme as all of a sudden it started flying with this theme once I upgraded to WP 2.7. Strange…

    Joshiah you make me ramble:-)

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