Second Hand Barcelona Chair – If only Ludwig knew


Sunday, strolling over the The Hague open air antique fair, I noticed this dark red Barcelona Chair with ottoman.. If only Ludwig knew…


Currently it is so hot that the trees are losing their leaves due to heat stress as if it is autumn.


To me the back looks as if it is an original one, but I’m not sure.

Does the little Persian rug detonate or not? I believe it does and you?

One thought on “Second Hand Barcelona Chair – If only Ludwig knew”

  1. Suggestions on care and repair of Barcelona chairs:

    I have two Barcelona chairs from the 40’s. I’m looking for web resources on how to care and mantain the leather & steel. The chairs have been in storage and have mold on them. I’m concerned about the damge mold can cause as well as ways to clean the chairs with out damaging the leather.

    If any one has ideas about the above or resources for consultation and repair in New York City – I would be forever grateful. I inherited these chairs from my parents; they loved these chairs and I would like to keep and care for them for years to come.


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