Batllo Bench by Antoni Gaudi

Batllo Bench by Antoni Gaudi
Found this photo somewhere on the Internet and had to share this Batllo Bench by Antoni Gaudi with you, especially as a bit of counter balance for this Gaudi Inspired Chair by Bram Geenen.

5 thoughts on “Batllo Bench by Antoni Gaudi”

  1. The furniture of Antoni Gaudí is every bit as amazing as his architecture.

    Actually, the proper name is “Batlló” because it was made bespoken for furnishing the interior of the “Casa Batlló” in Barcelona. It’s one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau architecture and you can check it out on its website at:

  2. Thank you Jojo…I changed it in the title, but am having problems in this blog with accents so I left the accent over the o:-)

  3. You are welcome. You do a great job with this blog and I’m sure all chair lovers are as grateful to receive the feed in their inbox as I am.

    No sweat about the accent, they can be tricky. “Batlló” is the family name of the patron that asked Gaudí to build the house for them.

    If you ever go to Barcelona don’t miss the chance to visit that and the other very famous building by Gaudí on the very same street, “La Pedrera” (“The Quarry”) AKA “Casa Milà“.

  4. Jojo you get me curious about yourself:-)

    As a matter of fact I visited Casa Batllo once before the digital area (haven’t digitized my negatives yet:-)

  5. All Gaudi chairs and furniture made by BD Barcelona Design in Barcelona, Spain. GREAT company, not only with Gaudi but also worldwide exclusive distributors of DALI furniture, Jaime Hayon Showtime Chairs, Konstantin Grcic’s Table B, Antoine+Manuel’s Tout va Bien among others.

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