Hello world! Chair Blog continues on a new server

I leave this post that comes automatically with a new WordPress installation as it marks the transition of Chair Blog to a new server. Mind you: I choose Friday November 13, 2009.

But this one went very smoothly.

I installed WordPress from scratch on the new server. Then exported from the old server all posts and attachments in XML format and prior to installing any plug in I imported the whole lot into the newly installed one.

The help desk of my ISP, Yourhosting.nl was very forthcoming when I had made an error with the MySQL password (I had replaced an uppercast by an undercast character). Thank you Yourhosting!.

Photos, comments and pages all came over here luckily. In total 2027 posts plus attachments and comments. Sigh. A lot of work.

Until I’ve changed the look and feel back to as it used to be prior to this switch. I won’t post. But stay tuned because that may be very soon!

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