Jacek Galek Chair Idea

Jacek Galek Chair 1

Jacek Galec Chair 2

Not sure whether this is a mere rendering or a finished product, but it is interesting: Jacek says:

The idea was to create a seating device with a soft and organic form. The main wooden part of this chair is not just added to the construction of legs… it is plaited around it. this way when I combine wood with steel I don’t use any kind of screws etc. so I don’t break the inner construction of wood.

I spotted Jacek Galek at the portfolios part of Coroflot.
He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznañ (Poland).
Currently he’s working as an exhibition designer for hansgrohe, as an assistant in a design studio and at the Academy of Fine Arts.

One thought on “Jacek Galek Chair Idea”

  1. An elegant attractive chair. How stable is the edge gluing of the upper back and the lower front? If stable then bending in the lower front would afford the sitters legs more room and comfort.

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