Another Mystery Chair – Solved

Maxima Chair by WilliamSawaya

Another Mystery Chair – Solved

One of my blogging friends who has discontinued his site (appears in 2013) asked a question who could determine this chair.

One of my readers gave the answer within a day. Simone, who is connected with Austrian Designer Thomas Feichtner (about whom I have to publish much more) pointed us to the site of Sawaya and Moroni. The chair is the Maxima Armchair of a whole series of Maxima chairs, designed by William Sawaya.

Knowing the name I also discovered a blog dedicated to Hospitality Chairs: New Hospitality Chairs [ed. discontinued since]

Thirdly: I knew I had made a photo of this design myself in another setting and found it:
Maxima Stool by William Sawaya P1050193

Here is the Maxima Stool. A photo I took in Paris recently when visiting the La Suite Shop.

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