A Chair Mystery Solved?

Unknown Steel Chair with Chrome Finish 4

Chair by Tony Paul Raymore

Remember me showing you this mystery steel chair frame with chrome finish way back in July 2008?

Recently I got an e-mail from Bill Johnson of Retro Vegas who believes he found a bit more about this chair over at an auction site Live Auctioneers who attributed this chair to Tony Paul / Raymore.

However a comment to the post attributes the chair to Edward Higgins…He has one with gold finish and original seating. I hope he reads this and provides a photo of his one.

Ah there is a site devoted to Tony Paul who is alive and kicking at 90: Tony Paul Design and it is a blog. So I asked them to comment here.

2 thoughts on “A Chair Mystery Solved?”

  1. Hi everyone
    This really is an awesome chair! I don’t know if my grandfather designed it or not. Anything is possible, as I have learned through this endeavor. I will print this out and show him the next time I see him. I am also creating a new page on our site for “maybe TP designs” and I’ll upload it there as well.


  2. Cool! I’ve been wondering myself as I picked up a pair of these a couple years ago and hadn’t been able identify them either. Mine have a more poolside color scheme on what appear to be the original slings plus white legs instead of black.

    for photos see:

    They’re actually pretty comfortable too.
    Thanks and excellent blog!

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