Tensegrity Chair by Konstantin Achkov

Tensegrity Chair by Konstantin Archov ZI1K7500_2
Tensegrity Chair by Konstantin Archov ZI1K7510Tensegrity Chair by Konstantin Archov ZI1K7514
Tensegrity Chair by Konstantin Archov ZI1K7521Tensegrity Chair by Konstantin Archov ZI1K7491
Bulgarian sculptor Konstantin Achkov (1973, Sofia) has been experimenting with tension in sculptures and now has brought the same ideas into chair design. Here his Tensegrity Chair. As a yachtsman I can appreciate the principles used. The next step, I presume, is the use of carbon composite pipes with kevlar ropes in stead of aluminum pipes with stainless steel cables. Konstantin claims the construction allows for automatic adjustment of the chair to the body or to unevennesses of the floor. The same principles that were applied in the Roorkhee Chair. I like it! I’ve uploaded the original size photos Konstantin has sent me to click through to in order to get more detail.

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