Dyad Stackable Lounge Chair by Joo Hongkyu

Dyad Stackable Lounge Chair by Seoul, Korea, based designer Joo Hongkyu.

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  1. Sub: Fiber Glass Chairs all sorts.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Ours is a largest Resort Hotel and Golf Club Course in this region built at 150 acres you can see us at our website: http://www.dreamworld.pk.

    As we regularly get large number of visitors so we want to replace present set of Plastic chairs with better quality fiber Glass chairs therefore please let us have prices of fiber Glass “stack-able” Chairs of all varieties strong and tough for outside parties and inside conventions and community gathering.

    Please note we want strong and sturdy chairs and tables that may last a long time. We will be using these chairs outdoor very regularly and the local temperature varies between 15C (34F) and 45C (113F) from winter to summer and we get a lot of dew in the night. The furniture will be used during day and night both.

    Also we want high quality indoor furniture for banquets, etc.

    Our preference would be fiberglass, however if you have furniture in any other material which you may feel would be of use to us, please do suggest.

    Chairs should please be light-weight and stackable for ease of movement and storage

    Thanks and await for your reply.

    Best regards,
    Waheed-uz-Zaman Khan
    Executive Director

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