New: Chair Blog’s Weekly e-mail Newsletter

Chair Blog’s second weekly e-mail newsletter has landed in several e-mail boxes this morning.

Two weeks ago I’ve started the weekly e-mail newsletter a bit silently by installing a widget to subscribe to the newsletter in the sidebar.

As of today there is also a link to Chair Blog’s Newsletter Archive in that widget.

If you like it you can subscribe using the widget or simply use this subscription link.

It is my intention to keep this weekly newsletter as unobtrusive as possible. It is only meant as an extra service for my busy readership only and in addition to the more common news reader subscription. The Newsletter will have no photos. If you like to have a quick overview of my postings, a newsreader subsciption will remain necessary. The e-mail newsletter will be just be a wrap up of posts from the past week.

Please note I’m still experimenting a bit. I noticed for instance that not all posts from the past week were included in the second newsletter. Maybe there is a limit to the number of posts that the program can handle. Then it might be necessary to send the newsletter more frequently (after I have posted a certain number of posts).

If the weekly newsletter would be annoying for you, you can always unsubscribe🙂

A big thank you to the early subscribers! They know who they are.

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