England’s Dreaming Chaise by FAT

I had to show this to you as it was on exposition at the Stroom Gallery here in The Hague, my hometown, while I wasn’t aware of it…

England’s Dreaming is an antique chaise that is enveloped at one end by a miniature landscape juxtaposing scales and visual references. Lie back and think of England.

Via FAT which stands for Fashion Architecture Taste.

One thought on “England’s Dreaming Chaise by FAT”

  1. How interesting. While we may never want to include it in a functional setting, we appreciate its artistic merits. It isn’t often that a chair captivates us for reasons other than form, function, or construction. There is more going on here and that intrigues us.

    This may also be the key to getting children interested in period furniture.

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