Meet our new Contributor Polley Wong

Shortly after I installed Chair Blog’s Face Book Fanpage, a young lady asked my attention by posting various interesting new chairs on the face book fan page wall. That was Polly Wong.

I asked her whether she would like to publish here on Chair Blog. Polley answered to my request: “With Pleasure” and so the Lox Barstool is her first post here on Chair Blog. I’m looking forward to a long and fruitful cooperation an am happy to have Polley on board.

About Polley
Polley is a blogger herself at Polleys Mumblings (already from 2006) and at Pawl’s Coding.

Born in New York, and currently living and working in Taiwan. She studied Computer Science and graduated at the Ming Chuan University, Taiwan, Taoyuan. She works as a technology manager in the Taiwan Branch of a firm that drives the movement of open or partially open source software license, the Creative Commons. She has her share of designing and developing quite a number of websites and I believe her Nickname is PHP olley:-)

During the day she is the tech nerd girl. Next to her professional life, she secretly studies how to obtain “the eye of an artist,” by reading hundreds of art blog articles everyday. Interior Design has always been her passion. She’s considering to apply for a position at a Graduate school in the US or Europe to study Interior Design, while working for tuition. Her Dream is, sometime in the future, to be able to design for free for the poor and elderly people in need. Her background in design or art is meager. She claims her skill in writing is weak, not to mention her poor English. However from what i have seen, she has a keen eye for design and in addition is probably fluent in other languages that I’m not fluent in. Moreover, as she is currently based in Taiwan, Chairblog can now say that the sun never sets in it’s realm:-)

A warm welcome to Polley!


And because Polley undoubtedly will get her own fans who will be fluent in other than the English language I’ve now brought back the auto translation plugin.

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