Social Media and the MVS Chaise by Maarten Van Severen

At least for me this is a good example how social media work:

  • I’m browsing the site of chair manufacturer Vitra.
  • There I find the photo that a fan, De Pauw from Florida, has send to Vitra upon a request from Vitra.
  • I recognized it to be a Van Severen chair.
  • I’m already a huge fan of Maarten Van Severen.
  • I check the site for more details about the chair (maybe I can publish about it here).
  • Find a nice photo of the chaise itself:

But then I also see this photo:

And you know what? It’s multi functional: As a recliner and as a daybed and for use indoors and outdoors!

So I’m sold. On the basis of these three photos I believe I have to have this multi-functional chaise for my terrace…

My next Work In Progress is trying to copy and paste the photo in a photo of my terrace and then find an opportunity to look at the chair in real life.

I have put it on my Vitra Wish List……even while I don’t know the price yet…

One thought on “Social Media and the MVS Chaise by Maarten Van Severen”

  1. If you want to see this chair and some examples of Maarten van Severen brilliant design you should visit the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven The Netherlands. He designed the remarkable three stories high interior of the library {where you can look into the riverside from three of those nice chairs}, the restaurant and the bookstore {with beautiful vitrines which are at the same time the doors from the store}. You can see pictures on our website and you can find also pictures in the books about Maarten van Severen. It was great working with him and the chair brings found memories, because he visited the library many times after he finished it. During those visits we always sat in those chairs talking about design and his plans. Unfortunately he died to soon to young.

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