1 Ordinary and 8 Unusual Bear Chairs

1) What’s a Bear Chair?
When a Dutchman says “Bear Chair” he automatically thinks Adirondack Chair. I really don’t know why. Or, even worse, maybe it is just me. Google also comes up with the Adirondack Chair, but maybe that is because I search for Bear Chair in The Netherlands, Dutchman’s home country.

2) The Grizzly Bear as a chair
Then I saw this photo of the Grizzly Bear Chair on the Net. It inspired me to share a couple of unusual Bear Chairs here.

The Grizzly Bear Chair was presented to the then president of the USA by a famous trapper Seth Kinman. Somewhere in the 19nd century the Grizzly bear became extinct in California.

Via the Bancroft Collection.

3) Seth Kinman
Surfing a bit further I found this photo of Seth Kinman in the same or in a similar Bear Chair

4) A Baby Bear in a monobloc plastic chair
by The Retirement Chronicles: B.B. & B……Blogger Buddies and Bears!!!.

5) An antique Black Forrest Bear Armchair
Via Antiques & Interiors – Black Forest Bears.

5 A gummy Bear Chair

6) A Bear Bench
by Bear Chair pictures from scenery & nature photos on webshots.

7) A graphic Teddy Chair
wich actually is representing a concrete outdoors chair by Harmonious Palette, Bo Atkinson’s site.

8) Another Antique Black Forrest Chair
Actually A Swiss one I found somewhere.

9) Teddy Chair
And don’t forget the Teddy Chair Mido by Matti Klenell

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