Chairs by Rick Owens

Chairs by Rick Owens 1
Chairs by Rick Owens 2
Chairs by Rick Owens 3
Chairs by Rick Owens
In one way or another I found Arren Williams‘ blog, and more in particular, his Fashionable Seat post. One huge disadvantage of Arren’s blog is, apart from page navigation, it doesn’t offer tags or categories or a searchable archive and on top of it the search function doesn’t operate very well. On the other hand, Arren does offer inspirational chair stuff from time to time . A little search resulted in a nice post of the 3Rings blog about Rick Owens, a Los Angeles fashion guy working in Paris who had designed some chairs for his own studio, which attracted attention from some furniture design aficionados. I also found other posts referring to Rick Owens on He Seems Nice.

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