Rocking “Wheel” Chair by Marvin Drandell

Rocking Wheel Chair by Marvin Drandell
Sam Kaufman Gallery has this Rocking “Wheel” Chair by Marvin Drandell for sale at 1stdibs.

Marvin Drandell is a Los Angeles-based designer and maker of bespoke furniture. Trained as a scientist, Drandell treats each new project as a technical exploration.

This chair, one of Drandell’s earliest projects from the early 90ies, is a rocking chair which uses the curvature of a pair of bicycle wheels as pivot points, the extent of the resulting movement limited by the shock-absorbers at the rear of the piece. (It is also fitted with short, aluminum “legs” which convert it into a stationary chair; these are removable to allow the chair to rock freely.) The seat and back are fashioned from the foam cores used to make surfboards, the carved contours carefully fiberglassed.

Price $2,500

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