Thonet no. 14 by James Irvine for Muji

Via I remembered I had not mentioned here before that Muji had teamed up with the German Thonet factory to produce a Muji interpretation of the no. 14 already in 2008.
The English designer James Irvine, now domiciled in Milan, and also creative director at Thonet, is responsible for the reinterpretation of the bentwood furniture.

One thought on “Thonet no. 14 by James Irvine for Muji”

  1. I have acquired a childs correction chair. It is is rattan woven and it has a lable underneath which says; Lloyd Loom by W lusty & Sons 30 The Strand.

    It has another label which says THONET WIEN. can you offer any other information?

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