Happy Halloween! – A Propos.. Torture Chairs

For Halloween I thought to feature a couple of torture chairs…

1) Starting
With a photo I showed earlier in July, 2010.

Via Professor Mark Csele’s Projects Page – Halloween Scares!.

2) Then there is:
halloween chair by Hongtao Zhou

The Halloween Chair by Hongtao Zhou

3) And

“The Devil’s Chair”, in the actual well kept Mary Immaculate Cemetery of Kirksville, Missouri (above) is said to be haunted by the devil on Halloween night. From this chair it is said he appears to those present each year. Or so the urban legend goes.

There are thousands of actual Devil’s Chairs around the world and many have strange legends and tales that still defy explanation. Some are located in cemeteries in the United States as the one above from Kirkville. Usually they are associated with terrifying urban legends.

Via Haunted America Tours

4) And a Real Medieval Torture Chair

Torture Chair
Image source: Telegraph UK

Also known as the Judas Chair, the Chair of Torture was a terrible device of the Middle Ages. It was used until the late 1800’s in Europe.

There are many variants of the chair. They all have one thing in common: spikes cover the back, arm-rests, seat, leg-rests and foot-rests. The number of spikes in one of these chairs ranges from 500 to 1,500.

To avoid movement, the victim’s wrists were tied to the chair or, in one version, two bars pushed the arms against arm-rests for the spikes to penetrate the flesh even further. In some versions, there were holes under the chair’s bottom where the torturer placed coal to cause severe burns while the victim still remained conscious.

Via Medievality

More to follow…

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