More Traditional Chinese Chairs

Zhejiang Chinese traditional Chair has a couple…

About Antiques 5000

Located near Hong Kong and Macau, in the heart of China’s largest antique furniture district, Antiques 5000 is surrounded by over 500 fine antique dealers and art galleries.

Antiques 5000 was founded 20 years ago by a group of friends who collectively shared an immense knowledge, appreciation and assemblage of fine Chinese antique furniture.Fueled by their desire to educate and enlighten others about their meaningful, mysterious culture through the work of the artisans who created the exquisite furniture, they opened a small antique furniture business.As the business flourished, they relocated to the leading and most concentrated antique market in south of China, providing them with unlimited resources.

Today, having over a century of combined knowledge and experience, Antiques 5000 contains over 3,000 pieces of the highest quality Chinese antique furniture available on the market today.Absolutely no reproductions.We employ several in-house artisans and restoration masters to restore, repair and prepare the furniture for display and shipping

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