IPOP I Chair by Kenneth Smythe

IPOP I Chair by Kenneth Smythe

IPOP I Chair by Kenneth Smythe at Wright in 2007. Estimate: $7,000–9,000. Result: $9,000.

Via Wright.

3 thoughts on “IPOP I Chair by Kenneth Smythe”

  1. Hannah,

    The phrase so unique definitely applies. I’m 73 and do not understand your meaning for the word “cool”. Help me out.


    Are you sure that we are both looking at the same chair? If you don’t think it looks like a very comfortable chair, which it is, I would like to know how you arrived at it looking like a torture machine? My motto for all my chairs is ‘COMFORT IS A GIVEN’. Look at the photo above of SYNERGISTIC SYNTHESIS XVII chair which has an identical seating geometry as do all my other lounge chairs. My email address is globopolis@comcast.net if you would like to see more chairs.

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