Fitti Chair by Victor Monserrate

Seen the Fitty Chair by Portorico based Victor Monserrate?

Some Victor Monseratte Facts:

B.I.D. Cum Laude.: Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

B.I.D. Carnegie Mellon U.: Pittsburgh, PA (transferred)

-Platform Gallery, Beijing, China: Resident Freelance Design Project
-Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY: Guest Critique
-Circa Art Fair, San Juan, Puerto Rico: Exhibitor

-Established Atelier Victor Monserrate; San Juan, Puerto Rico:
-Sajo + Garcia Advertising Agency, San Juan, Puerto Rico: Creative Dept.
-Estudio Campana Brothers, Sao Paulo BR: Intern
-Guggenheim Residency with Campana Brothers: Design + Prototyping

Am sure we will be seeing more of him. Ah here is Victor’s own site.

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One thought on “Fitti Chair by Victor Monserrate”

  1. I’ll never achieve ‘Cum Laude’ status because I have never learned to fog a mirror. out of Chicago will provide you with any info you may want about my designs.

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