Sealed Armchair by François Dumas – IMM Cologne 2011 (9)


In the D3 Design Exhibit at IMM Cologne 2011: Sealed Armchair by François Dumas

They are the result of R&D into an accessible and affordable mass production process. The chairs’ structure consists of three extruded plastic rods rendered flexible by heating them in a kiln. After having been formed, the parts are connected using a welding technique which seals the junctures by melting the plastic.

The production process is nicely demonstrated by this video from Designboom:

Update: I had already noticed the chair on Shapeaways as I found the reference between my draft posts when weeding them out ….

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4 thoughts on “Sealed Armchair by François Dumas – IMM Cologne 2011 (9)”

  1. This is an interesting one… And even though they’re quite different, it still reminds me of this Osterlen chair by Inga Sempe! Or Inga’s Osterlen reminds me of Francois’ Sealed, it could be both ways 🙂

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