Heretic Coffin Couch by Autum

Heretic - Coffin Couch by Autum
Heretic - Coffin Couch by Autum back
Heretic - Coffin Couch by Autum Chairchez La Femme
Heritic is an apt name for a Coffin Couch created by US based Autum. Photography by Philip Ritchie

Made from an 18 gauge steel coffin. The Heretic features 4 cast iron legs that support over 800 pounds, a hand built and sewn seating area tailored from Italian leather, and a roman numeral laser engraved ID plaque. Excuses for its overwhelming personality not included. Limited production run of 3.

Found via Whitezine.

3 thoughts on “Heretic Coffin Couch by Autum”

  1. I do like the button-back leather upholstery for a traditional style sofa. Chesterfield. Much less sure about the coffin idea however.

    And the bum looks a bit photoshopped to me!

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