From Chair to Sofa_XXXX with only Chopsticks by Yuya Ushida

Yuya Ushida Sofa_XXXX
Sofa_XXXX by Yuya Ushida 29
Sofa_XXXX by Yuya Ushida 28

Mindboggling to use about 8,000 chopsticks and 3 months of hard work for just one chair, err sofa, because you can scale it. By Yuya Ushida. Wonder what the price will be.

Hat tip Freshome.

2 thoughts on “From Chair to Sofa_XXXX with only Chopsticks by Yuya Ushida”

  1. Yuya has, unbeknownst to himself, has just conflated novelty with the irrational. This conflation seems to have taken on a viral form and may have become contagious. Let’s hope there is a DESIGNER’s vaccine that can remedy this possible contagion.

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