.02 and .03 – The Birth of a Maarten van Severen Chair

Maarten van Severen

Maarten van Severen – LCP Mehdi Chtourou from AlICe lab on Vimeo.

I’m a huge fan of the late Maarten van Severen. So when I read on FaceBook that it just closed after having received 18.334 visitors I felt I had dissappointed myself. Despite my note to self I had not visited the exhibition in Ghent, Belgium, where the history of only one chair, the .03 by Maarten van Severen was displayed. I commented on FB if I would have had time to visit, I would have been visitor number 18335. Then the comment came back there will be a new chance to visit the same exhibition in Turnhout, Belgium, soon. Hurray!

The exhibition was initiated by the Van Severen Foundation and features the development of just this one chair. The video shows interviews with Maarten’s wife, with the manufacturer of the .02 chair, the direct predecessor of the .03 and with Rolf Fehlbaum, who put the .03 on the map with Vitra.

I had to share this intro with you.


4 thoughts on “.02 and .03 – The Birth of a Maarten van Severen Chair”

  1. I really enjoyed the video, btw, so thanks for posting it! Really love the placement of the chair in all the segments of the trailer too – very subtle and very considerate.

    (Didn’t realize I wasn’t logged in the first time around – turns out when I’m logged out I’m remembered by the name I used to comment with before!)

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