The Free Chair Project (1): La Espera by Alfonso Gosalbez

La espera by Alfonso GosalbezLa Espera by Alfonso Gosalbez

German twins and chair designers Max and Hannes Gumpp have designed the Latten Stuhl (i.e. Slats Chair). At the occasion of last year’s 2010 Valencia Design Week Spanish Hat Gallery had 40 Slats Chairs distributed over 40 creative types with the request to create their own interpretation of it. All chairs were used at the speeddating exhibition. I’ll start the series with this Chair La Espera by Alfonso Gosalbez.

I would coin the chair “Bum Burnt Chair”. I wonder what Moggit’s capture would be.

There is a Spanish catalog of the exhibition at Luis Eslava who curated the exhibition.

Via Yatzer and, off course Design Boom posted about it as well.

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