Un-Tied or Tied-Up Armchair?

Un-tied or tied-up chair?
Found this armchair with Tie Covering by Peter Rafael Russo on a blog of SF Weekly. The chair was entered for a 2009 “Masterminds” design competition which in one way or the other was organized by Stanford University.

As we have our typical language problems by nature of our non native English speaking contributors already, my question is: Is “Un-Tied” better than “Tied-Up”?

2 thoughts on “Un-Tied or Tied-Up Armchair?”

  1. I love the contrast of the texture, pattern and colour of this great chair. As an English teacher, I’m not sure exactly what you are asking but I’d say it is better to be untied. Un-tied infers untangled or undone or released. Tied Up is to fasten, restrict or be in knots.

    As a relaxing comfortable armchair, maybe Un-tied is a better title for this chair and a good pun.

  2. @Biro
    Thank you for you considerate answer. I was thinking along the line of Ties tying up the chair. Having loved and worn ties more than half my life I also doubt their strength and capability to offer some firm seating, but maybe I craved the silk ones too much….so in Tied-Up there is a pun as well:-)

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