Golden Apple Seat

Golden Apple Lounger

The five-star Golden Apple Boutique Hotel in the heart of Moscow, Russia, is most famous for its exclusive interior design by Canadian architect Raphael Shafir, but to us, chair appreciators, the most interesting thing deserving of our special attention is their fabulous giant golden seat shaped to look like a nibbled at apple.

The apple is shiney and golden on the outside and is positioned in the hotel lobby with its whole side facing the window to one of the Moscow’s central streets (passing by the hotel you see the apple inside, but to know you can seat in it you’d need to walk in!), the hollow side of the apple is upholstered in plushy black fabric and is big enough to fit 3 slim persons.

Pictured here is Miss Russia 2006 Tatiana Kotova during her visit to the hotel. Photo courtesy of Golden Apple Boutique Hotel Facebook page.

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