Nemo or Mono Chair

Mono Chair by Nancy Beckham and Jane Issa
The Nemo Chair – or Mono Chair in the USA – is distributed in the US by Miami, Florida, based Nancy Beckham and Jane Issa who have formed Beckham & Issa. They are two hotel entrepreneurs who met while operating hotels in Jamaica and have partly focused on the Lloyd Loom process and represent the British Lloyd Loom of Spalding.

About Lloyd Loom

Lloyd Loom is the name given to woven fabric and furniture that was invented by Marshall Burns Lloyd in 1917. It inspired a generation of furniture designers in the 1920’s and 30’s, associated with the art-deco period and the classic ocean-going liners of the time and it remains a timeless and classic style of furniture that endures to this day. It became immensely popular in the UK before the London factory was tragically destroyed in the war, spelling an end to large scale production.

Lloyd Loom fabric weave is made from twisted paper and wire and the frames are traditionally made from steam-bent beech wood. The furniture is renowned for its longevity and durability. Inferior models imported from the Far East, still widely available, are made on flimsy rattan frames which have neither the strength nor the longevity of real Lloyd Loom.

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