Shop Chair by Tom Sachs

Shop Chair by Tom Sachs

Fully assembled maple and pine plywood chair with water-based lacquer, rubber flex-mounts, and stainless steel screws.

Hand engraved, sequentially-numbered edition plate on each chair.

Made in USA.

33.5″ x 18.5″ x 18.5″

Weight: 15.5 lbs

Total shipping weight: 24 lbs

S/N: 2019.274

The original Shop Chair (Gray) will be available in small batches.

We reserve the right to close the edition at any time, and cannot hold or guarantee stock for a future date.


2 Seat by Studio 201

2 Seat

2 Seat

2 Seat

2seat is a chair with two faces that invites you to interact in a new manner with the most often used object, the chair. It is an interactive design due to the fact that by simply turning the chair over, you transform it into a low chair, and the process can be reversed. Both sides are carefully designed, in relation one to each other, in order to control the final volume but without compromising the ergonomy of either one.

Material: birch plywood with natural finish lacquer.

Sizes: L 810 mm x l 400 mm x h 790 mm

Photo Credit: Mihnea Ghildus & 201 Design Studio

Via 201 Design Studio

About Studio 201:

Bucharest, Romania, based 201 Design Studio was founded in 2012 by Ene Mira & Stanciulescu Codrin. They received various international awards and acclaims.

Christina Chair by Francis Czerner


Christina Chair by Francis Czerner

Beautiful, light clever and elegant design and beautifully executed.

Found it on a page of the Cargo Collective.

However Francis also has an Etsy page Designed by Francis.

About the Cargo Collective

Cargo offers its members free standing personal websites with their own URL*,
a wide variety of templates, and simple but sophisticated tools to control the way their content is displayed.

A personal network of their own creation allows members to follow and comment on the work of others, making themselves known by their artistic engagement with the community.

To maintain the highest possible degree of quality, every site we initiate is by invite only. However, we frequently award memberships to unaffiliated talents who share a sample of their work

Caterpillar Stool by Hyeonil Jeong

Caterpillar Stool by Hyeonil JeongThe Caterpillar chair by Hyeonil Jeong is made out of CNC-cut pieces of plywood woven together using bungee cord to form a flexible seat.

Jeong says, “No matter how stiff each piece is, flexible relation makes a smooth flow. Its elastic connection allows an organic surface movement despite the rigidity of ply-wood material.”

Classic Hammock by La Seora

Design Milk reminds us it was National Hammock Day in the US yesterday – and indeed, what could be a better way to celebrate than spend it lounging in a hammock? Especially if it’s one of the La Seora luxurious creations.

Their Classic Version is an International award winning design carefully crafted using the highest quality marine plywood and stainless steel. The hammock is designed to count in the shape of your body allowing you to “relax in a correct posture without slouching, unlike conventional hammocks with net and fabric do, so you can relax in perfect comfort”. And there’s even Alpine Version, in case it’s winter where you are and you still want to celebrate!

Dimensions: Length 310cm x Width 80cm (105cm with Stand)

Happy late Hammock Day, all!