Christopher Stott: Two Times Chairs and Luggage

Two Paintings with a Chair by Christopher Stott
Two Paintings with a Chair by Christopher Stott

Noticed Christopher Stott‘s two very real paintings of a chair and luggage as if he wants to ask you: “Stay home, snug in your chair or go away, to the office or into the world?”.

2 thoughts on “Christopher Stott: Two Times Chairs and Luggage”

  1. Wow, this is AMAZING! If the second picture does look a little like a painting, then teh first one is soooo real!

  2. I originally stumbled upon my appreciation of chairs through the world of theatre design. I started attempting to pare back design concepts to a single chair and a prop that would reflect the values / mood / needs of the play. These two paintings also feel strikingly theatrical, full of possibility and a hint of narrative. I love them. Thank you for bring Chris to my attention.

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