Trussardi Centennial Chair by Michael Young – Milan 2011 (08)

Italian fashion house Trussardi celebrates its 100th birthday. To mark this occasion it will relaunch its Trussardi Design brand with a special collection of products called the ‘1oo Collection – Trussardi My Design’, inspired by its extensive archives. The designer is British, but Hong Kong based, Michael Young.

Designer People – Michael Young from Michael Young Ltd on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “Trussardi Centennial Chair by Michael Young – Milan 2011 (08)”

  1. Julia,

    Simple yes. The statement is bland, even dull.

    Michael Young is an Anglo version of Phillip Stark without the originality. He is a derivative stylist who demonstrates much more sophistication and finesse than Jaime Hayon. His designs lack the eye grabbing originality of designers like Brodie Neill and Joris Laarman and a host of other designers who are more his contemporaries.

    gje thinks I’m a grump. What I am is a thoughtful critic who will not call poop on a stick a lollipop.

    1. @Kenneth
      Just check out this link Yaheba in Google and maybe you will understand why I think you are a grump: Of all the comments you made here (this is number 29) I only count 2 positive, the rest is negative…..

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