Tour Chair by Rui Alves – Milan 2011 (20)

Tour Chair by Rui Alves
Tour Chair by Rui Alves, debuted at the 2011 Salone Internationale del Mobile in Milan and is in my view one of the eye catchers. The racy arm”rests” together with the leather seat make it an icon. The name Tour refers to Tour de France, one of the most important classic bicycle racing events.

Born in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal, Rui Alves comes from a family of skilled craftsmen. His grandfather was a carpenter and his father was a woodworker. Since his childhood, Rui has been surrounded by tools and materials. His mind is always working on creating or disassembling something.

Rui studied industrial design at IADE (Instituto de Artes Visuais, Design e Marketing) in Lisbon, graduating in 2001. In the same year, he set up his own studio (My Own Super Studio)

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6 thoughts on “Tour Chair by Rui Alves – Milan 2011 (20)”

  1. GJE, it is interesting how different things attract the eye of the beholder! I don’t want to come across negative but other than the bicycle handles as the arm, I can’t see anything iconic about this chair. I’d actually suggest it is one of the more boring chairs you have shared with us. sorry.

  2. @Biro
    Indeed it is interesting to see how different people tend to react to design:-) Actually that goes for many things in life.

    And don’t be afraid I will cut off criticism. As long as it is at least courteous.

  3. What an interesting interpretation… I must admit I didn’t realize at first it was all about bicycles, but knowing that it is definately makes it more fun!

  4. I saw it last week in Milan and had the opportunity to touch… in fact is not only the about the handlebar. The seat is made of laminated natural leather layers (never saw it before!) and it will become darker during the time and use, and the two holes in it
    remind me the old leather saddle. For me one of the most singular chairs I saw until now!

  5. @Biro
    As usual your comment and @Anna’s got me thinking further (and by association I have to bring up the famous video of a German coastguard replying to an SOS call: We are sinking! and answering to the call: “What are you thinking about!” which is a language prank especially hilarious if you speak both German and English and hear his English with an heavy and thick German accent). Often design is about translating emotions or grabbing them. Bicycle racing is a huge thing in Europe. Not that I’m a particular fan, but Rui just hints to that piece of common European knowledge which probably is lost if you are looking at it from another continent as you do.

  6. No worries GJE. I enjoy viewing and responding to chair blog and I love the exchange of different opinions. I can accept some see things in this chair that I don’t.

    “I’ll let this one through to the keeper” (an antipodean sporting phrase that may also be culturally specific meaning ‘not for me’)

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