Concrete Chesterfield Sofa by Gray Concrete

UK-based Gray Concrete created this concrete Chesterfield sofa for exhibiting at 100% Design London. The sofa is made by taking a mold from a real Chesterfield, which is then used to make a glass textile reinforced casting. The cushions are a part of the casting. Before making the mold, the padding inside the cushions was replaced with a rigid foam which was modeled to make “bum prints.”

I wonder how comfortable it is!

3 thoughts on “Concrete Chesterfield Sofa by Gray Concrete”

  1. Hi ! I very much enjoy your blog! Recently found it over twitter and it really caught my attention since I love furniture, and accent chairs!!
    I live in Miami, FL and I recently bought some chairs over at that are very gorgeous and they are just piece of art!
    They are made in Brazil and are just beautiful. Maybe you guys could write a blog or a note about them, that would be fun to see!
    the chairs I bought were the model 2905 with a gorgeous fabric for the seat!

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