Goldsmiths’ Chair by Tom Vaughan

Goldsmith’s Chair by Tom Vaughan

Private commission from the Goldsmiths’ Company as part of a showcase installation ‘Made For The Table’.

Show here in cast phosphor bronze, mirror polished with an oak bark bridle leather seat.

Available in a variety of materials and finishes.

Four legs pour molten-like to the ground; cast in bronze or aluminium, and formed from two flowing lines that cross where seat meets leg.

The metal at the back twists to support your form, against it’s form.

Reenacted in bronze – solid mirror polished and weighty – or aluminum – the chair is material play and lessons in finishes.

Via his company Object


S Chair by Tom Vaughan

S Chair by Tom Vaughan

S Chair by Tom Vaughan

S Chair by UK designer Tom Vaughan who can be reached through his company Object Studio.