Fauteuil Chair by Aldo Bakker

Fauteuil Chair by Aldo Bakker

The work of Aldo Bakker, (Amersfoort 1971) is the work of a designer. With that, Aldo distances himself from the current belief that a strong ‘concept’ will naturally lead to interesting forms. He believes that the mastery and control of aesthetics are essential competencies. Indeed, they constitute a separate discipline. These are remarkable principles for the son of Gijs Bakker, founder of Droog Design and the figurehead of conceptual design. There are possibly stronger similarities between the work of Aldo Bakker and that of his mother, designer of modern jewellery Emmy van Leersum (1930-1984)


Aldo seeks to surprise and trigger discussion among his public. He allows his public to pose questions about the context and relations of his work. ‘My objects should be able to create a space around themselves, to define their context on their own. I question their meaning and, hence, their use. In the ideal case an object acquires a status that legitimises itself, independently of the surroundings.’

via SuperStories by Aldo Bakker

Fauteuil Chair by Aldo Bakker

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