Tennis Balls Chair by Remy and Veenhuizen

Tennis Balls Chair by Tejo Remy and Rene Veenhuizen

Tennis Balls Chair by Remy and Veenhuizen, Photo © Pattrick Paassen of arttriq, but see also his photos at Flickr.

Blogging about chairs is hard work and sometimes very frustrating.

Do a search for “é” here and you will see several posts misfitted. Behind the screens I’m trying to repair the errors. The reason is that recently we lost all posts and we had to restore a backup. The problem that occurred is that the “é” (e emphasis Egue) came back as “é” thanks to the stupid computers. So we lost for instance links to photos that have an é in their name here … of those was the photo of Remy and Veenhuizen’s Ontmoetingsplekhek or TheFenceWithaBench. The correct spelling of Rene is René…. While searching for the photo that off course had disappeared from the computer I was working from, I came across the above photo of their Tennis Ball Chair.

Many things came together at once: I had an incentive to repair the posts dedicated to Remy and Veenhuizen first. They are Dutch Designers. Chairblog is a blog founded by a Dutchman (me). The talented young photographer is a Dutchman as well. Moreover by bringing together a nice looking Dutch Girl with a nice looking chair (or bench if you wish) with a traditional and very typical landscape of the 19 mills near Kinderdijk…actually the location is on the Unesco heritage list under the name of…Kinderdijk/Elshout (and what is my name?) …so I had to share this with you all, because it made my day and my frustration has ebbed away…

It also made me change my name from GJE into my full name.

2 thoughts on “Tennis Balls Chair by Remy and Veenhuizen”

  1. So this is a super Dutch post then? 🙂 Cool! I love this photo! And I love everything about it – the chair (I realize I’ve been having a weakness for yellow colored chairs lately!), the background, the composition and the model – everything looks just right!

    As for the weird characters appearing in place of normal letters with emphasis… I’ve been slowly trying to make them look normal again. The sad thing is, this has changed in our categories as well 🙁

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