Yellow Ostrich Stool by Tsai Design Studio

Yellow Ostrich Stool by Tsai Design Studio

In 2009 the Veuve had invited South African designers to contribute a design for the glory of the brand and design itself. Among them was this Yellow Stool by Tsai Design Studio

The design has been in his sketchbook for a number of years, he says. But it was with the invitation to the project and only after meeting collaborating designer Ronel Jordaan that everything came together to create the piece.

The chair, with its slick angular steel and chrome base, includes a bright yellow felt pebble as its seat. The pebble, created by Jordaan, appears simply to float within the steel frame. But Tsai reveals how it deftly detaches from the frame and shows a steel structure hidden inside the bright yellow sphere.

Via The yellow clique and co – Arts – Mail & Guardian Online.

5 thoughts on “Yellow Ostrich Stool by Tsai Design Studio”

  1. Ha Susie

    I was wondering myself, but I have a couple in my sleeves yet. Besides, with now close to 2,700 chairs, stools, benches and what all here on the site, it is not so difficult to show some more killing yellow seating:-)

  2. At first I was wondering if it would be possible for you to go a month with really killer yellow designs. I’m now really enjoying this theme and I come to visit more than ever.

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