The Barcelona Day Bed in Chocolate… Real Chocolate

As Apartment Therapy rightfully mentions, most of the time we’re trying to keep chocolate off of our furniture. But once at a cake tasting hosted by Kreemart and American Patrons of the Tate, it was the other way around – a slightly miniaturized cake replica of the iconic Mies van der Rohe’s leather Barcelona day bed was offered as an edible treat for guests!..

5 thoughts on “The Barcelona Day Bed in Chocolate… Real Chocolate”

  1. what a wonderful idea! chair blog needs something similar to celebrate your next birthday. Problem would how to get the pieces of cake to your regulars and particularly me.

  2. Biro, another problem we would endure right away is how to distribute the pieces of the cake within the Chair Blog contributors themselves! We’re based in the Netherlands, Russia and Taiwan, which makes it kind of difficult… Thus I suggest a get together sometime in life somewhere on planet Earth!! You’re invited 🙂

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