Theme Change

You see us experimenting with our theme as it appears after the migration to Amsterdam newer posts don’t show in Mac browsers….. It also appears the feedreader feed and feedburner don’t sync….


The theme had nothing to do with the problem.

In one way or another it had to do with the caching plugin installed here which also writes to the .htaccess file and in one way or another keeps serving an obsolete home page.

I’ve now deleted the caching plugin and the .htaccess file and will start again. First with a couple of posts and then with reinstalling the caching plugin….we will see.

As long as no caching is enabled the load time of the blog will be extremely slow…..sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

3 thoughts on “Theme Change”

  1. It is more complicated than I thought:
    It appears after the migration newer posts don’t show up for me when I’m not logged in and rest assured : we h checked whether we’ve inadvertently labelled them as private posts….and now I’m a bit flabbergasted, as you Biro seem to be able to read this newer post and am almost sure you are not logged in.
    I’ve a feeling it has to do with read write permissions somewhere.
    I also believe it causes the feedburner issue.
    Continuing the saga.

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