Top 5 of Chairblog in October 2011

1) Aviator Chair by David Catta: 479 views.

Aviator Chair by David Catta

2) Ultra Lounge Chair by Steve Vowels: 460 views:

Ultra Lounge Chair by Steve Vowels 1

3) Sofa by Peter Opsvik: 445 views:

Sofa by Peter Opsvik

4) Lavatory Seats at Blackrainbow Shop in Paris: 433 views:

5)The Best of Chair Blog in September 2011: 411 views:

The Best of Chair Blog in October 2011

October marked a migration from a London based VPS server to an Amsterdam based VPS server somewhere in the Cloud.
After weeding out some setting errors the blog is up and running fine, without outages thus far for more than 7 consecutive days. Off course there will be some trimming behind the screens.

47,271 visits with 106,478 page views, despite the dwindling of the number of posts from 54 to 26, notably because of all the hosting issues we had to address.

Hopefully the hosting remains stable and we can proceed full ahead in November. Hope to see you all back!

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