Coracle & Cargo Chairs by Benjamin Hubert for De la Espada

British industrial designer Benjamin Hubert created Coracle and Cargo for London based furniture manufacturer De la Espada as part of a larger collection. The project called for the use of artisan craftsman, where each piece has the unique quality that only handmade objects can deliver.

“Coracle” refers to small boats, traditionally used in Wales since the bronze age. The woven construction seen on the chair is the same pattern as that found on the vessel. The tri weave is enhanced with the same perforated leather wrapped around the steel frame. The same wrapping is usually found on bike handles, making the chair more tactile and comfortable.

Cargo is a dining/occasional chair made of four automotive leather panels which attach to an ash frame using mechanical fixings. The tailoring of the panels mirror the original intentions for the material, as the hand-stitching gives it a less mechanical character.


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