Ritz Sofa by Bertjan Pot


Ritz Sofa by Bertjan Pot:

When creating a product that has been made as often as a sofa, one could get the idea to do things completely different. The Director of high-quality furniture manufacturer Gelderland was up for a change. Most sofas are made of voluminous foam blocks to break the fall when sitting down but not necessary for comfort when sitting. As the price of oil (of which foam is made) keeps on rising, it is wise to think about ways to reduce the use of foam. So, The Ritz was seriously downsized. Despite her skinny looks, The Ritz really is comfortable in every way. Stretched elastic bands covered with a thin layer of foam assure a soft seat. Upholstering was made simple by using a zipper all around. High legs make it easy to sit down and get up. And off course like every good sofa The Ritz is long enough to lie down on and be lazy with the help of a firm and again, comfortable pillow.

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