Coach on a Red Couch

Coach on a Red Couch

Coach on a Red Couch

This marks the transition from WordPress version 3.2 to WordPress version 3.3

The WordPres “Press This” tool has been fixed with the update and finally works as it should work.

In addition there is now a Tumblr importer tool added to WordPress. I’ve tried it out and it is much better than the way I had done this before: Via importing Tumbl posts into Posterous and thereafer importing it here. With the new importer you get at least a Title and the correct date of the Tumbl post you import…

This is my last Tumbl post I’ve imported here.

Although I’ve started tumblring again recently, blogging is made simpler now. Not sure whether it is necessary to go on tumblring….. stay tuned. There is one reason to do so: We’ve built up a little community over at Tumblr which at present counts 102 followers. We shouldn’t leave them out in the cold….

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