Knitted Chairs by Eulália de Souza Anselmo

Knitted Chairs by Eulália de Souza Anselmo
From my back burner, via Blog2Modern these knitted chairs by Eulália de Souza Anselmo. First I saved and shared the clip in my Google reader for publication here eons ago. Still after all their attempts to “Get It” Google makes it cumbersome to browse your own stuff. Even Google+ doesn’t make it better in my humble opinion. However, I found it again, especially since I restarted Tumblring. I tumblrd it here: what-do-you-want-the-most-when-you-got-the-flu… the import from Tumblr went wrong…so we now leave it as it is. A side note: The present lay out of my Tumblr Archive is awesome and fast loading. I like it. Actually I would like a feature like that here on Chair Blog. Anyone an idea?

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