Best of Chairblog in December 2011

1) Nest Chair by Tjep, 103 views (but see comment below).

Nest Chair by Tjep

2) Vespa Chair by Bel and Bel, 470 views.

Red Vespa Chair by Bel and Bel

3) Price Tower Armchair by Frank Lloyd Write, 468 views.

Price Tower Armchair by Frank Lloyd Wright

4) Both Rock & Roll – Kids Vespa Rocking Chair and Tumblring Again with 462 views.

Rocking Vespa Kids Chair

5) Moonbow by Wendell Castle, 427 views.

Moonbow by Wendell Castle

6) Sun King by Wendell Castle, 422 views.

Sun King by Wendell Castle

Best of Chair Blog in December 2011

Statistics are always arbitrary. I use our Feedreader statistics to make the monthly overviews of the posts with the most views. But Feedreader eyeballs are not the same as pageviews. Many readers only use their feedreader to check Chairblog and don’t necessarily use their browsers. When I noticed Boing Boing had mentioned the number 1 of this month Nest Chair by Tjep that post got a lot of visits, 1740 in total in December! Feedreader only noticed 103 views and 36 clicks in December. Normally using a counter is not easy as a certain post is for a certain period on our landing page and each time after a new post is published it disappears downward, and is pushed further down. However I thought 1740 visits should put it to the top position, even with only 103 views in Feedreader. As a quit pro quo I’ve added a number 6 for December.

Hosting remained stable in December until December 29, 2011 when we suffered over 9 hours of downtime. In the meantime we have moved the site to another Internet Service provider and keep our fingers crossed.

44,204 visits, 106,709 page views and 102 new posts.

Hope to see you all back in 2012!

2 thoughts on “Best of Chairblog in December 2011”

  1. Wow! Truly wow! 44,204 visits in December 2011 only were really amazing. Having 106,709 page views is another accomplishment and writing 102 fresh new posts is the best. Changing your internet service provider surely helped a lot to achieve your goal. It’s a good thing that you checked your browser too. Of course, for the hard work you truly deserve it.

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