Plywood Mystery Chair

Plywood Mystery Chair
One of my twitter contacts likes to know more about this plywood mystery chair. Anybody?

On our FaceBook page we got this comment:

at a first glance it appears to be another material, perhaps vacuummolded plastic and then veneered on the surface. (because of the doublecurve) But it could perhaps be a designschool experiment of testing limits of curving plywood. What does the backrests centerline look like in a closeup examination? The combination with that type of legs suggests some kind of danish origin (or maybe, maybe could be japanese)

JFK any thoughts or better photos?

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2 thoughts on “Plywood Mystery Chair”

  1. The chair shell can be bent into its shape only if there is an open vertical division or joining point in the middle of the back.

    By forcing the open back shell edge together, it can be joined together with “biscuits”

    I can see the joining point in the middle of the back rest in the way the lines of the wood veneer grain do not flow continuously across the back but join together discreetly at an angle.

    The width of the support joint between the back and the seat shell is narrow enough to bend the open edges of the back together.

    The maker did not have to use 3D plywood veneers from Reholz. Normal veneers can be used to make this shell.

    The style of leather patchwork carpet is a little passe giving a clue that the chair may not have been made recently.

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