Top Posts Half March – Half April, 2012

1) Samui Armchair by Glyn Peter Machin : 483 views.

Samui Armchair by Glyn Peter Machin

2) FOLD Chair by Nina Bruun : 423 views.

FOLD Chair by Nina Bruun

3) and 4)Panton Chairs at Business Center Cafeteria : 421 views.

3) and 4) Yoda Sofa Set by Kenneth Cobonpue: 421 views.

3)Vodööl Chair installation by Coop Himmelb(l)au: 418 views.

Top Posts Chair Blog Half March – Half April, 2012

Time for some stats again. As usual based on our FeedBurner stats of the last 30 days, so it also covers half of March, 2012.

Total Number of visits declined in this period. 42,040 visits with 103,469 page views vs 52,507 visits and 133,971 page views for the corresponding Half February Half March period.

  • We were missing some catches like in February where some huge blogs linked back to us.
  • Also I’m not sure I’ve the most optimal settings for our server and for Cloudflare.
  • Thirdly I believe the new timeline of FB doesn’t do us much good as it is very unsure whether a photo thumb is or is not posted on our FB page…I’ve complained about it, but as usual FB is so busy with itself that it doesn’t answer back soon.

Hope to see you soon again!

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