Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Seated in Style


Chairchez L’Homme

We’ve invented two catagories Chairchez La Femme and Chairchez L’Homme.

Basically it is a question: “Search” the Lady or “Search the Man”. It stems from the French “chercher” which means “seek” in English.

In posting in these catagories we are referring to the catogory in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Who is the (wo)man seated in the chair?
  2. What chair is the (wo)man seated in?
  3. Where is the (wo)man I would expect to be seating in this chair?
  4. Who is the (wo)man behind the design of this chair?
  5. This chair is inspired by who or what (wo)man?
  6. And so on and so forth

Gates and Jobs

Both can afford themselves some chairs. Especially Jobs reportedly loved design. Unfortunately these photos are a thing of the past since Jobs died. So here the photos are shared more in remembrance of the two men sitting together.

The first photo I picked up from a Tumblr Blog Awesome People Hanging Out Together and the second from Wiki Media Commons

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